The Best Thing Since Ground Beef

Here's the Beef on Hamburger Depot

It all started as a tiny hole-in-the-wall shack that served burgers, fries and a little bit more, for lunches only, Monday through Friday. Today, the Jasper store is still a literal hole-in-the-wall shack (it’s all about the airy ambience!) – but the Depot stores in our other locations are pretty airtight! When we took ownership of the Depot on Oct. 16, 2006 — the day of the Great Flood in Jasper (see our Grand Opening picture). We never dreamed we’d be more than just a hometown place, with maybe a little nicer building in the future. Since 2006, however, we’ve added Saturdays, extended our hours and expanded to other towns in East Texas. A little blind faith, a lotta luck, and a juicy ½ lb. burger – who would’ve thought?